Starts with a script

No project can exist without a blog, so finally I’m getting around to starting one for Electric Town. Wheels are beginning to turn, and hopefully in the future I’ll have more and more progress to post about.

I’ve got some wild plans for making this movie, and I’m excited for all the new tricks and techniques I’m going to be attempting. The movie will be live-action with ample quantities of stop-motion animation, CG, and some (hopefully) cleverly-composited puppetry. Of course I’ll be using Blender as the primary 3D and compositing tool (and probably the primary video editing tool as well), and most likely I’ll be using Dragon to do the stop-motion animation (there are still a few things left that Blender doesn’t do!). I expect to make a lot of use of the amazing new camera tracking functionality from Blender’s Tomato branch.

I assume a lot of people who stop by to read this blog will be mainly interested in the ins and outs of how the movie is made, but for me, none of it would be worth the effort if it wasn’t a story I thought was worth telling. That’s why it was extremely encouraging to have the script for Electric Town win the prestigious Blue Cat Fellini Award. In addition to being a nice little cash award to help get the project started, having the script validated that way has really helped to give me the momentum to undertake a challenge of this magnitude. This will keep me busy for a while, but the end result will surely be worth it.


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