Storyboarding, or how Steve Jobs saved my summer

I spent most of August and September drawing storyboards for Electric Town, a total of about 300 panels/shots. As much fun as I’m sure that sounds like, drawing that many pictures can actually get kind of tedious, and although the weather wasn’t great this summer in Amsterdam, there were a couple of nice days that it would have been a pity to have spent cooped up in the Blender Institute. (In fact, especially since the weather was so bad most of the time, it really killed me to be inside on sunny days.)

Which is why I was pleased to discover what a perfect tool my iPad is for storyboarding. The screen is just bright enough to be usable even outside on sunny days (and more than bright enough on slightly overcast days), so I was able to do a lot of my work hanging out by the sides of canals, in the park, or on cafe terraces. The app I used was ArtStudio which is a pretty great painting app. Drawing with my finger took a little getting used to, but for the purposes of storyboarding it doesn’t matter much anyway.

It’s a sad coincidence that as I write this post, the big news of the day is Steve Jobs’ death. It’s hard to think of a single  individual who has had a bigger impact on people’s day-to-day lives, from pioneering home computers to the iPhone. And of course it wasn’t just Apple, either (as if that weren’t enough). As one of the founders of Pixar, he also helped to revolutionize the worlds of animation and filmmaking. Rest in peace, Steve. You’ll be missed.


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