Now these are 3D modeling tools

It seems wrong to me now, but I originally had it in mind to make Electric Town using only live action and CG effects. Ironically, it was Blender superstar Pablo Vasquez who first put it in my head to do things differently. I was asking his advice on how he would go about integrating a particular CG prop into the live action, and he said “Why don’t you just build it?”

He was totally right, and when he put it like that, I suddenly realized that many of the movie’s central special effects would be better off done as stop-motion animation, using actual physically-built props. On top of various other reasons, it’s also just a lot of fun to build props (plus, you get a full range of motion, rather than being hunched over a computer the whole time).

It turns out that the Blender Institute has a few power tools lying around which Ton (Roosendaal, head of the Blender Foundation) was kind enough to let me take home, and I discovered that the basement storage room in my apartment makes an ideal workroom in spite of not being much bigger than a broom closet (and yes, there is a lava lamp in there).

So far no complaints from neighbors. But I think I know what they’re thinking.


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