Standing proud

So now the little guy can stand up on his own. That wasn’t a huge issue, but being able to stand will make it easier to use him as a live action prop and/or a placeholder to give the actor an eyeline to look at.

The question of the head remains up in the air. It has to be light. Maybe styrofoam, maybe balsa wood. Then I’ll probably cover the open areas on the body with balsa wood and decorate the whole thing with wires, vacuum tubes, and whatever else works.

As I continue, I’m constantly re-thinking which parts of the movie should be CG, which parts should be stop-motion, and which should be puppetry. It will be good to have choices. I think I will wind up wanting a CG stand-in for some shots, though. Especially now that Blender’s camera-tracking is getting so good.

I’m also starting the whole process of trying to organize people for the production in Japan. It’s hard to do from overseas, and probably a bit early, as there are several people who I’d like to have involved who may or may not be there when I want to shoot. It’d be nice to have it more worked out, but all in due time I guess.



2 Responses to “Standing proud”

  1. Looking good.

    Would this be a suspended, bobbing head for puppetry bits?

    Might be interesting to relinquish control over the creature for a while, see how it responds…

  2. The head will definitely have to be easily detachable, so that I can either move it around by hand (in front of a green screen) or animate it with stop-motion. I also want to try to figure out a way to detach it and then control the mouth with one of those grabber tools ( to make it bark.

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