Pose test

It looks like my dog can do a little bit more than just stand there. I shot a few little tests to make sure that he was capable of  basic poses. This is of course extremely rough… the thing isn’t even fully built yet and I shot the tests in about 10 minutes. There was no support system of any kind here, which is why he can’t do things like lift his legs to walk. When I animate him properly I’ll use wires to hang him from above and some small stands to support him from below, depending on the pose.

I’m very happy with the tension on the arms, legs, head and neck though, and with a few replacement parts on hand, I’m confident the joints will stand up to the beating they take during animation. The two main joints in the body could be tighter. I might have to figure out a way to do that.

As you can see I’ve got the base of the head worked out. Now it’s just a matter of sticking the head itself on there. I’m thinking balsa wood. Gotta buy some balsa wood.

Incidentally, for the stop motion I used Jelly Cam, which is a pretty neat little app for making quick-and-dirty stop-motion clips for the web. It’s pretty limited (you can only export .flv movies for one thing) but it’s got a nice interface, it’s free (of charge) and it works. For the actual animation I’m leaning towards Dragonframe.


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