Object tracking in Blender!

Wow. Check this out:

This opens up a lot of new possibilities for how to do effects for Electric Town.

With all this new object tracking and camera tracking functionality, I’m seriously consider going all-CG on this, as much as I love stop motion. Even if I don’t, the object tracking will solve some problems I was worried about (like how to throw the physical model off a bridge without destroying it!)  Hopefully I’ll have an art director/production designer to talk this all over with before the production starts. For now it’s nice to have options.

Other news: I’ve been having some great conversations with production people. Nothing completely nailed down yet, but it looks like I should be able to assemble a really good team for shooting in the summer/fall. I also had a lot of fun working on balsa wood stuff for the robot dog’s head last month, but never quite got around to posting about that. I’ll try to post some pictures of that soon.


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