Gone Shootin’

Last night Ivan and I went out to do a little bit of preliminary test shooting around Kichijoji. My friend Heath (also a cameraman, DP, and documentary filmmaker) joined us and took some pictures as well.

We were mainly interested to see what kinds of results we’d get with the camera shooting at night and to see how the local transformer substation looks at night. I also took some light probes and will test the tracking/compositing pipeline. I haven’t yet had a chance to look over all the resulting footage, but what I saw on the camera display last night looked pretty awesome. That camera is amazingly sensitive and seemed to pick up at least as much as the naked eye in low light.

Unfortunately, the substation itself didn’t have any especially cool looking lighting on the hardware, so we might consider shooting at dusk or hunting for some different substations for the final footage. It shouldn’t be hard to find substation options. This is Japan, and so for any technological phenomenon, somewhere there’s an obsessive cult around it. You’ve heard of trainspotters, but would you have guessed there were transformer substation spotters (http://www.tawatawa.com/densen1r/) too? Click on any of the links on that web page to see what I mean.

Pretty handy resource for location scouts, if the location you’re scouting happens to be an electrical substation.


6 Responses to “Gone Shootin’”

  1. Terencedesu Says:

    Will most of your shooting be in western Tokyo? I’d love to come out and watch sometime (schedule permitting) and help out if you need any.

    • We haven’t sorted out the details of the locations yet. They will all be somewhere in Tokyo, though. Are you based in Tokyo? Right now we’re working on scouting and choosing locations.

  2. Terencedesu Says:

    I live in Inagi-shi (near Chofu and Fuchu). With a family and work I don’t have huge amounts of time (plus I’ll be gone most of this summer) but is be happy to help out if I could.

    • Well, I’ll keep this blog updated with information about the shooting schedule as I know it, and if you’re free some time when we need a hand, it would be more than appreciated!

  3. Andre Lewis Says:

    I’m very curious to see how the light probes work with Blender, if you get a chance to document the process I’m sure a lot of people (including myself) would be super happy!

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