Home sweet home

Big step forward! We’ve now got a location for almost all of the indoor shots in the movie. A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Omori (best known to the Blender community as ekakiya) about the challenges of finding a good location to set up the indoor sets of the movie, and he mentioned that his family happens to have a house in  Tokyo that is currently unused, which might be useful for filming. So last night Ivan and I headed over to take a look.

It was better than I’d hoped for. There’s one tatami room, which will be just perfect for the character’s living room where much of the action takes place, and other parts of the house, the kitchen, other rooms, windows, and even some furniture, will also be very useful for other shots. The house will be empty throughout the summer, so we should be able to get plenty of use out of it. We’ll have plenty of time to do a good job on set design and getting everything just right before shooting.

This is a load off my mind. Like I said, it’s a big step forward.


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  1. […] Imazawa and myself will all be getting together for the first time to do some shooting tests at Omori’s house. We’ll be screen-testing Imazawa, creating some test footage for special effects experiments, […]

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