Getting stuff together

So now I’ve got a wicker dog bed, a vintage TV, and a bunch of various doodads for object tracking, light probes, and so forth. And I’m more and more sure I won’t regret the effort of building that wooden dog, because I think he’s really going to come in handy for blocking shots and giving the actor something more concrete to play to, at least in shots where that’s possible.

I had a very interesting meeting last week with Kikuo Ohta, production designer on Enter the Void, without a doubt one of the most visually overwhelming films in recent memory (epileptics be warned).  We talked about Electric Town and discussed the possibility of him helping out with production design. I think his input would make a world of difference, so I’m hoping that his schedule makes this possible. I was introduced to Ohta by my friend Toshio Hanaoka, who also worked on Enter the Void, as an assistant director. Toshio has already been a great help on Electric Town in a variety of ways.

We’ve got kind of a big plan for this Saturday. Toshio, Ivan the DP, Omori (ekakiya), the planned lead actor Imazawa and myself will all be getting together for the first time to do some shooting tests at Omori’s house. We’ll be screen-testing Imazawa, creating some test footage for special effects experiments, and doing some rough preliminary blocking. Hopefully we’ll also get most of the shooting schedule nailed down for later in the summer.


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