One more thing out of the way

I’m pleased to say that after about 10 months of working on it I’ve finally turned in the last chapter of the second edition of Mastering Blender. This is only tangentially related to Electric Town in that I’m now officially free to devote 100 percent of my energy to the movie for the next couple of weeks. It’s just nice not to have it hanging over my head, and just in time.

The book is a complete update of the first edition, plus a ton of new material (especially related to live action VFX, unsurprisingly, with a whole chapter on camera tracking, new stuff on rendering with Cycles, image-based lighting, compositing, etc). Not only that, but I also included essentially a full second edition of another of my books, Bounce Tumble and Splash: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D. So instead of two different second editions, there will be just this one, but it will be considerably fatter than either of the others. Basically two books for the price of one. Can’t beat that!

Thanks also to Jonathan Ball of Poked Studio for the awesome cover.

Tomorrow I’ve got meetings with a sound guy, an art guy, and at least one actor. Then comes the last full week of getting props finalized, schedules sorted out, some remaining locations scouted, a few straggling parts cast….


Had some people request a TOC, so here it is:

Part I: Fundamentals of Blender 3D

Ch 1: Working in Blender

Ch 2: Modeling with Sculpt and Topology Tools

Ch 3: UV Textures and Texture Painting

Ch 4: Rendering and Render Engines

Part II: Physics and Simulation

Ch 5: Soft Bodies and Cloth

Ch 6: Working with Particles

Ch 7: Working with Fluids and Smoke

Ch 8: Rigid Bodies and Collision

Part III: Video Post-production in Blender

Ch 9: Render Passes and Composite Nodes

Ch 10: 3D/Video Compositing with Camera Tracking

Ch 11: Working with the Video Sequence Editor

Part IV: Blender Python

Ch 14 12: Introduction to Python for Blender

Ch 15 13: Working with the Blender-Python API

Part V: Creating Interactive Content with the Blender Game Engine

Ch 14: Logic Blocks and Interactivity

Ch 15: Materials and Textures in the Game Engine

Ch 16: Python in the BGE


8 Responses to “One more thing out of the way”

  1. I’ve been looking at this one actually, whilst I was reading 3D for iPhone Apps with Blender and SI02. I am curious about the contents of the book. Will it be available on Kindle?

    • Ah, the SIO2 book. Anybody thinking of buying that should read this first:

      As for Mastering Blender, by all means wait for the second edition, which should be out by December. I think there will probably be a Kindle edition at some point, but I’m not sure if it will be simultaneous or later.

      As for the content, you can see the table of contents above. If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask here.

      • Looking forward for the update on Blender and game development.

        I read through the list of contents, I am really interested with Blender real time Game Engine, and Python and how one can expand from that.

        I can see how Blender development goes continuously, it is quite difficult to have book that is always up to date.

        I am curious about Blender Bullet. Perhaps when this book out, you can also add extras additional notes to accompany it, if Blender Particle Nodes system and Blender Bullet Physics are out.

        Anyhow, can I pre-order already 🙂 ?

  2. If the book released, please put me in the notification list. Thanks!

  3. You can pre-order it on Amazon I believe. Check out the Amazon link above.

    Bullet physics are currently accessed through the game engine. You can bake rigid body simulations to animation curves to use them in Blender animations. In the (probably, hopefully) near future there will be more complete integration of Bullet in Blender proper, without having to use the game engine. There are already development builds of this available, but I don’t know when it will be stable enough for official release. I think that understanding what you’re doing with rigid body physics will make it fairly easy to transition to the new way of using them. Basically, integration will make it easier to work with Bullet than it currently is.

    • I pre-order, and apparently not until Christmas, I will be able to read this. A bit long. But well, anyways… looking forward to it.

      AMAZON = Estimated delivery: Dec. 31, 2012 – Jan. 21, 2013

  4. […] case you missed it, here’s a Table of Contents list I posted a while back for Mastering Blender 2nd […]

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