Production design

It’s the last week before we shoot, and things are picking up. I’ve been spending my days picking up props and equipment, doing last-minute location scouting, and rounding up the remaining crew and cast members. Toshio’s been doing wardrobe stuff, making tons of phone calls, communicating with the production designers, and various other things. Ivan’s been organizing camera and light stuff, and Rob C has been doing miscellaneous preparatory work from far off in Seattle, including—but by no means limited to—catching flies with a Dustbuster (seriously, do you have any idea how much a decent prop fly costs? It costs $200, which is almost $200 more than my budget allows for a fly).

The art department, as I mentioned, is Kikuo Ohta and his assistant, who’ve been hard at work preparing the set design for several key locations. Today I received Ohta’s sketches for the old man’s bedroom/living room:

…and for the dodgy (fake) Akihabara electronics shop:


I’m really happy with them. They’re just what I’m looking for. Getting this stuff all together next week is going to be a lot of fun. I’m excited for the shoot!



One Response to “Production design”

  1. Rob Cunningham Says:

    Great drawings!

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