Here we go…

I spent yesterday with Ohta the production designer and his assistant Sakurai working on the house and workshop interior sets. Man, those guys really worked some magic. It’s really an incredible privilege to have a team like this working on the sets. It’s kind of uncanny to watch them do their thing, and see the set appear from nothing. You’d never guess from looking at the room now that nobody ever actually lived there.

The watch-repair workshop was also amazing. In addition to the house he’s let me use, Omori’s family also owns an old warehouse in the center of Tokyo that was once the hub of an electrical networks business. It’s an amazing old place in itself, and it’s going to be absolutely wonderful as the set of the old man’s watch repair workshop. I started to think it’s a little bit of a pity it will get such a small amount of screen time, but for the time it’s up there, it’s going to look great.

That’s all good of course, but the big news is that today we start shooting! It’s 7 AM and I still am planning to go out on my bike for an hour for some very last minute location scouting. We’ve got a big day today of mostly guerilla shooting out and about in public places. It’s gonna be fun.

Time to go break some legs!



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