In the can

Well, as of Tuesday, production is essentially done, at least in my mind. Strictly speaking, we have another little bit of shooting to do, but it will be trivial to organize. It’s just a brief, pure green screen shoot that will only appear as noisy TV content in the finished movie, so we can shoot it just about anywhere, any time (I’m thinking probably in the kids’ play room some weekend in October). But all the really challenging shots that depend on locations or cast availability or are demanding in terms of any kind of continuity have been shot. What a load off my mind! They’re all here now:

That’s 7.5 terrabytes of data. Not counting the computer’s hard drive. The whole movie in raw RED footage takes up just under 1.5 TB. Ivan has backups of all that too. All the shots I plan to use in the movie have been exported to 2K OpenEXR, plus the light probes and a few plates I’ve exported at 5K. All in all, this stack of hard drives represents me being ready to move onto the next phase of making this movie: the long process of post-production. I’ve already made a very rough edit of the movie, and it looks like I have the footage I need.

I’ve decided that the final movie will be in 2K, which I really think is as much resolution as this movie needs. There were a couple of factors in that decision. One was that 5K OpenEXR frames are frankly crippling to any hardware I’m likely to have access to. Even with zip compression, those frames are 40MB. That’s nearly a gigabyte per second of footage. Compositing and editing at that kind of resolution isn’t something I can realistically handle. The other factor (which, given that the first factor is sheer impossibility, is really a distant second) is that there are several shots I’d like to zoom and pan around into, and I need the extra resolution of the 5K plates in those shots to do that. There are a number of shots I plan to do that with, so having shot in 5K won’t have been a waste by any means.

We’ll wait a bit with the wrap party, until we’ve shot those last few moments of green screen footage. But I’m already celebrating. I can’t wait to get down to business with this footage in Blender.


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  1. […] mentioned before that there was still a small amount of green screen footage left to shoot, so I’m pleased to announce that nearly seven months after our first “wrap” […]

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