Instruction sheet

Sometimes you use CG to put fantastic things like a robot dog into a movie. Other times you use it because you’re too cheap or lazy to build some mundane prop in real life before shooting. In this shot, I used it for both reasons. The instruction sheet wasn’t ready on the day we were shooting, so I just decided to add it in post.

This shot was one of the more time consuming effects shots I’ve done so far. The camera was hand-held, so I had to camera-track the whole scene, and the instruction sheet needed to be object-tracked and rigged with an armature to match the movement of the paper. Blender’s new masking tool was a major help.

Below you can see the instruction sheet graphic, made with Inkscape and Gimp.

Here’s a frame of the actual footage we shot. It was shot in 5K, so there was plenty of resolution to render out arbitrary close-ups and camera movement. 


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