Mastering Blender 2nd Ed, just in time for Christmas

My own copy hasn’t arrived yet, but over on Oscar Baechler’s blog the news is that the book is officially out, just in time to reach your favorite would-be Blender expert in time for Christmas. Big thanks to Oscar for tech editing the book. He did a great job catching a lot of little inconsistencies that cropped up as we tried to keep a step ahead of the fast pace of Blender development! Documenting a moving target like Blender is always a challenge, and so a good technical editor is especially important. As the maven of the Pacific Northwest Blender scene, Oscar’s always on top of recent Blender developments, so he was a great choice to handle TE duties.

Thanks also again to Jonathan Ball from the unparalleled Poked Studio for the awesome cover art.

But where can I get this book, you say? The same place you get every other book, of course. Over at Amazon it’s actually been in stock for a couple of weeks already. For what it’s worth, the reviews on the book’s Amazon page are all for the previous edition. This edition has been updated and significantly expanded with material originally from Bounce, Tumble, and Splash: Simulating the Physical World with Blender, which is now officially obsolete.

In case you missed it, here’s a Table of Contents list I posted a while back for Mastering Blender 2nd Ed.





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