Laurie Spiegel scores Electric Town

A few short months ago I thought the movie was about done, aside from a few small color tweaks. We’d done the best we could with a soundtrack, pieced together mostly from Creative Commons-licensed music and a few original odds and ends.

There had been one piece that I had really wanted to use by electronic music pioneer Laurie Spiegel, and I contacted her about using it. She agreed and encouraged the movie early on in the postproduction.

Imagine my surprise when I contacted her to show her the final movie and she liked it so much she said she wanted to work on (re)scoring the whole movie! I had actually already submitted to several festivals (including Sapporo, which just announced that Electric Town has been selected for screening). But I was happy to delay any future submissions to give her time to work on the movie.

Recently she sent me her finished score and I’m thrilled with it. She really managed to bring a lot more out of the movie than the previous soundtrack had been able to. I’m more excited than ever to submit to more festivals as soon as we finish the final mix.


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