Electric Town selected for Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival

More great news from the festival front! If you’re in Tokyo this will be a great opportunity to catch the movie at Uplink: Factory in Shibuya on Monday, April 11!

Tokyo OS Laurels-w.png


Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network Selects Electric Town by Tony Mullen to be part of their prestigious line up of true independent cinema at this years Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2016!

Local filmmaker Tony Mullen was recently awarded an official selection for their film Electric Town which was selected out of 1200+ global entrants, to screen at the prestigious Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival.

At the event all of the films will be scored by the attending audience, where the winners are potentially screened at the ten proceeding Lift-Off global events, with the ultimate aim to give filmmakers like Tony Mullen the best exposure possible as they embark on their continued artistic journeys within the film industry.

Lift-Off currently has festivals in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.

James Bradley Co-Director and Co-Founder of Lift-Off says…

“Getting into any Lift-Off Film Festival is a massive achievement. The world of independent film has grown so much over the years that many of the grass rooted filmmakers and emerging professionals are left without much of a platform. We felt that many of these artists who were producing exceptional work were being hugely ignored – and deserved to be seen! Our judges are rigorous and we are quickly building a reputation of finding true undiscovered talent.”


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